Florida Recruits

Welcome to Florida Recruits – a company looking to guide the recruitment of high school men as they transition into their collegiate football careers. Florida Recruits is high school coaches and former college coaches.  We will  become officially approved by the NCAA as a compliant recruiting database in March 2021 when it reopens. 


So what are we trying to achieve? Simply put, the most comprehensive reporting and player database for Florida high school football. We cannot do this alone. Coaches, parents, players, local writers and friends – we need your help and willfully hope you accept our challenge! 

Our numbers fluctuate in terms of support, but we will be scanning the net looking for the latest news, stats and film. So with that said, mention or direct message @Recruit_FL or email us at recruitfloridaplayers@gmail.com and we will help bring exposure to your athletes recruitment.


Looking to sponsor, if so please contact ASAP and let’s talk. 

Did you run for 275 yards last Friday night? Let us know! Do you have new HUDL highlights that no one has seen? No need to list off 20 coaches on Twitter, just tweet to @Recruit_FL for an automatic retweet or message to get a customized tweet. 

Very soon thousands of college coaches will follow us on the Twitter account and use it daily. 

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